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The church is in the name of St:John the disciple of Jesus Christ "Apostle of Love" A Jewel in the cap of Knanaya Arch dioceses .Many colorful events of Knanaya Dioceses are held in the Church, because of availability of space, proximity of Seminary and its location (centre of kerala).

Edavzhickal Philipose Kathanar member of Kottayam Valiyapally had a piece of land in chingavanam and he intended to start a Dayara for the priests and nuns of Edavazhickal family. About 130 years back the following Knanaya families residing at Pallom, Mavilangu, Chingavanam, members of St:George Knanaya church Neelamperoor purchased the land from Edavazhickal Philipose Kathanar for British Rupees 250/-. Later on Manimala family also joined.

  • Thyparampil Mani Pothen
  • Chirayil Unnittan mani
  • Kanjirathara Mani Mani
  • Ottathyckal thomman Mani
  • Manimala Uthuppan Mani

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